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We are on a mission to crowdmap the best travel knowledge.

CARTIDO runs on our Nested Mapspace engine. Use our platform to create as many maps as you want as you travel and explore the world. You can even create maps within maps!

Want to share your favorite travel destinations? Crowdmap it!

Want to share the best spots to explore? Crowdmap it!

Want to share accessible power outlets? Crowdmap it!

Want to share accessible public bathrooms? Crowdmap it!

Just Crowdmap it!

CARTIDO also has GPS tracking!

Every user is assigned a GPS trackable pin that can be toggled on and off. Use it in creative ways. The possibilities are endless! 

Stranded and need search & rescue? GPS it!

Need to help your tour group follow your path? GPS it!

Need to track all the students in your field trip? GPS it!

What about the next stop on your pub crawl? GPS it!

Hey...GPS it!


CARTIDO started as a community effort to help our unhoused neighbors map resource information for daily living during hardships. Living on the streets and navigating the resources needed to survive on a daily basis is difficult. Our initial development of the CARTIDO Nested Mapspace engine helped these communities crowdmap their street knowledge of resources such as hidden power outlets, accessible bathrooms, safe spaces to rest, food donations, and much more.

Although CARTIDO has evolved into a fun and simple tool for all to use, we encourage you to add maps of resources in your local communities that help those who are underserved and in need. Let's keep the mission going!



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