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Your Social Good Technology Partner

Diginido Labs is a software design and development team of socially-driven activist technologists supporting social good projects and founders. 

We are guided by ethical and empathy driven design philosophies. Listening to stakeholders and users is a key priority towards building software solutions that have positive social impact. 
Our clients include NGOs, community activists / advocates, social good founders, & social movement leaders.

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Burning vision - The process from vision to full product deployment begins with deep inquiries as to why the founders and product teams believe there is an important need for their idea to become a viable product or service. Alignment across leadership, stakeholders, and all product team disciplines is critical to implementing product strategy.

User Personas - Vision inquiry leads to user discovery. Successful products are built knowing who the spectrum of users are. Empathy and understanding for your users leads to user satisfaction, user retention, and better product design. 

User Stories -  Knowing your users' aspirational wants and needs means the process of charting use cases can begin for testing. This leads to deeper learnings on user behavior and how they will interact with a product. 

User Journeys - Understanding the end-to-end behavior of users leads to products that can be built to span the entire user journey. User journeys evolve and grow and products should evolve along with them. 

Low & High Fidelity Prototypes - Wireframing prototypes and features are a critical and efficient tool for lean, iterative product  which will inform high fidelity designs. 

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The final vision and product design will be Simple, Lovable, and Complete (SLC) as it is deployed into the world for continuous UX research and design validation loops that are both intuitive and data-inspired.
It's time we moved beyond mere MVP and into the world of SLC.

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TakeMeHome is an initiative by Springboard Health Labs and backed by the CDC to provide free and easy to use home HIV test kits. Visit

CARTIDO makes crowdmapping simple and fun. We are helping travel enthusiasts map the world the way they want to. Map cool locations and useful resources found in the world.

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ZeusJuice brings electric power to the homeless. It leverages the street knowledge of the crowd to reveal locations where street communities can charge their phones and devices.

Power Trike is an accompanying service to ZeusJuice using GPS tracking. It is a roaming trike outfitted with a solar rechargeable battery for street communities to charge their phones and devices.

Litterati is a global movement to rid the planet of litter. The mobile app catalogs litter and applies AI/machine learning to help cities and communities fight litter.

Housekeeping Co. is an enterprise personnel management software suite to help protect domestic foreign workers from abuse in Dubai.

GoodTown is a human trafficking and modern slavery reporting app. It utilizes the power of the crowd to report and fight trafficking and slavery issues in communities


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