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"Great design has the potential to evoke the best in humanity and spark joy. It inspires exploration, play, emotion, and togetherness. All of the best traits of humanity." 

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Benjamin "Ehb" Teng is a Full Stack Product Designer with 10+ years experience on mobile and mobile web.


End to end design implementation, UI/UX Design, Wireframes, Prototyping from MVP to SLC (Simple, Lovable, Complete), Product Strategy and Roadmaps, Logo and Iconography, User Discovery (User Personas and User Journeys), Game Design, Sound Design, Swift, Obj-C, REST APIs, Cloud Firestore/Firebase, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

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Burning vision - The process from vision to full product deployment begins with deep inquiries as to why the founders or product teams believe there is an important need for their idea to become a viable and tangible product.

User Personas - Vision inquiry leads to user discovery. Successful products are built knowing who the spectrum of users are. Understanding users leads to user satisfaction, user retention, and better product design. 

Use Cases -  Knowing who users are means the process of  charting use cases can begin for testing. This leads to deeper learnings on user behavior and how they will interact with a product. 

User Journeys - Understanding the end-to-end behavior of users leads to products that can be built to span the entire user journey. User journeys evolve and grow and products should evolve along with them. 

Wireframes - Wireframing prototypes and features are a critical and efficient tool for lean, iterative product design which will inform high fidelity designs in the future.

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The final vision and product design will be Simple, Lovable, and Complete (SLC) as it is deployed into the world.


It's time we moved beyond mere MVP and into the world of SLC.

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