"Great design has the potential to evoke the best in humanity and spark joy. It inspires exploration, play, emotion, and togetherness. All of the best traits of humanity." 

Benjamin "Ehb" Teng is a Full Stack Product Designer with 8+ years experience on mobile and web.


End to end design implementation, UI/UX Design, Wireframes, Prototyping from MVP to SLC (Simple, Lovable, Complete), Product Strategy and Roadmaps, Logo and Iconography, Game Design, Sound Design, Swift, Obj-C, REST APIs, Cloud Firestore/Firebase, Javascript, HTML, CSS.

I have a burning vision to produce good in the world through mobile and web technologies. 

Expert in UI / UX design. I will help you design user experiences and user interfaces that bring joy to your users. It's not just about function over form. Your users can have both and attain "The Feels".

Wireframing wizard. I help you rapidly prototype your idea or features, so that you don’t waste time committing to fully designed products that don’t fit your vision.

Visual design and development master. There is nothing generic about your brand and vision. Beautiful design and development will make your product burn bright because I am guided by human & social centric, empathy driven design philosophies.

Your vision and product will be Simple, Lovable, and Complete as you bring it into the world to test. It's time we moved beyond mere MVP and into the world of SLC.


Leveling Up a Product

As the principle product designer at Diginido Labs, I always start product design with a combination of vision and aspirational wants & needs of our users.


Product design is an evolutionary process and the journey from MVP/SLC to production level app is a fluid process of balancing features focused on users needs and pushing the boundaries of what users may not anticipate they need.

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From Multi-Stage MVP / SLC
To Production Level App

Our current product, CARTIDO, a crowdmapping app running on our Nested Mapspace Engine, started as an effort to serve our unhoused neighbors.


The journey of CARTIDO from a serviceable MVP to full production app that is SLC (Simple, Lovable, and Complete) started with a basic low fidelity prototype called...

see|me home screen.png
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see | me was a low design fidelity / low function MVP test created to help those on the streets use their Android phones to access a consolidated directory of resources.


3 months of user research and testing revealed that it wasn't access to directories that the community wanted. The community wanted the ability to map street knowledge. Sharing of resource knowledge at a street level is critical to survival. 

This led to the next evolution...

Labre Splash.png
Labre screens.png

Labre was a next step medium design fidelity / medium functionality SLC test of our newly created Nested Mapspace Engine for crowdmapping street knowledge.


It was a major leap from static directories for the communities we were helping. Feedback to the design update was instantaneously positive and welcoming. However, there was one drawback we didn't anticipate. Too much noise on the global map. The community needed a way to filter out the noise to concentrate on specific resources they need. 

Through polling and research, we decided to focus our next efforts on a single resource crowdmapping app. Thus came into existence...

ZeusJuice Splash.png
ZeusJuice Screens.png

zeusjuice was a high design fidelity / high functionality SLC single resource crowdmapping app based on the structure of Labre.

The single focus on finding power outlets or power sources for recharging phones was a hit with the street community. Community members could easily map out accessible power outlets and share the information freely. We included a GPS function that allowed us to test our mobile trike charging system. We often rode a trike around town outfitted with a solar charged battery in the back. People could find us via GPS and meet us to charge their phones. Curbside service at its best!

It was around this time that we decided to open our crowdmapping technology to the public. We decided to focus on a community crowdmapping system for travel maps. And this is how we finally arrived at...

CARTIDO Profile.png
CARTIDO My Maps.png
CARTIDO Search.png
CARTIDO Map Sample.png

CARTIDO is a high design fidelity / high functionality production level crowdmapping app. 

It is a culmination of all of our learnings starting with our humble MVP see | me, to our first SLC Labre, then on to our single resource SLC zeusjuice. CARTIDO takes the best of all three efforts and consolidates them into one singular idea of making crowdmapping simple and fast. All of the previous concepts have been folded into a seamless experience: a collection of single focused travel/resource maps created by community members, along with personal GPS functionality.

CARTIDO is a celebration of exploration and collaboration. It is a product that we are deeply proud of. It embodies our design ethos of evoking humanity and sparking joy.




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