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The Labre app is a live event and street knowledge map originally designed to benefit the homeless and low-income community. It is now available to everyone to use!


With Labre Events, community members can see what live resources are available in their immediate area, such as medical care vans, daily shower buses, and mobile charging stations. You can also look for live activities, pop-ups, community events, and more!


With Labre Places, the community can crowdsource up to date resources available in the city. You can share your knowledge and help keep resources up-to-date. This includes resources for food, shelter, medical facilities, power, and Wi-Fi. You can even share your street knowledge of fun places to visit such as street art, beautiful vistas, hidden parks, safe public places, and much more!

Did we also mention you will occasionally find secrets in the app? Shhh...


Join your community and be a part of helping each other live better lives!

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